Episode 5 - People Say I'm The Best Boss

Alan Murray, President and Editor in Chief of Fortune, has spent his career reporting on and interviewing CEOs from the most iconic companies in the world -- from tech giants like Apple and Google to ubiquitous old reliables like GE. Alan joins us to share stories from a life reporting on leadership to unveil some universal truths about how to get people to follow you.

Episode 4 - The Times They Are A Changin'

Books are written about dealing with change and there are consultancies dedicated to “change management.” But what does it really mean to be resillient in the face of change? Jess Cagle, People editor in chief, joins this episode to interview Greg prior to the acquisition of Time Inc. and unpack lessons for how to stay sharp in a changing industry, company or job.

Episode 2 - Big Reputation

People talk. What are they saying about you? Joined by Laura Brown, editor in chief of InStyle, we'll discuss work reputations – the good, the bad and the nonexistent – and offer practical advice on how to own your career. (We also played a round of Would You Rather: Career Edition.)

Episode 1 - The Millennials Are Coming!

Millennials aren't a "problem" -- they’re a marketing construct. In conversation with Callie Schweitzer, Chief Content Officer for Thrive Global and real, live millennial (OMG, iPhone, tweet), we'll debunk the myths associated with the most diverse generation in history and talk about how companies can drive engagement for all employees. (Bonus: We learned never to "deskside" someone!)

Go to Greg - Teaser

Is every day at work the worst day of your life? Okay, it’s probably not that bad, but let’s face it – work can be all consuming, and sometimes, it’s not clear how to approach the challenges most of us encounter every day. Meet Greg and get a sense of what he’s about, why readers of his column, followers on social media, industry professionals and employees seek his advice and how he can help you too.